Patient Care Services: Ambulance Driving: Level 3 Course

The Level 3 Certificate in Patient Care Services: Ambulance Driving is a valuable qualification for anybody who drives – or is intending to drive – any of a range of patient care ambulance vehicles. This certificate is nationally-recognised and provides delegates with a greater understanding of their responsibilities as ambulance drivers, specifically in the context of vehicle empathy and patient comfort.


Duration: 10 days

Price on arrival


Intended Audience

The Level 3 Certificate in Patient Care Services: Ambulance Driving Course has been designed specifically for delegates who already have experience in the health care sector and are looking to move into a non-emergency ambulance driver role. Delegates will already have a full driving licence as well as an understanding of their everyday responsibilities, as a driver, under the auspices of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the Highway Code. The course is suitable for both NHS ambulance drivers, as well as those working for private healthcare providers.

Course Overview

Completion of this course depends upon the delegates demonstrating their ability to drive a non-emergency vehicle with due care and consideration for other road users and particularly for their patient. It combines driving skills with patient care and advanced road and traffic awareness. It also covers vehicle empathy, in which delegates will learn to anticipate the actions of other drivers on the road in relation to their vehicle.


The Level 3 Certificate in Patient Care Services: Ambulance Driving Course is assessed in multiple ways. These include practical assessments, delegate workbooks, skills tests, and invigilated examinations. This multi-tiered assessment process requires all delegates to demonstrate evidence of their learning across multiple formats.

Courses and prices

Our Level 3 course in Patient Care Services: Ambulance Driving is a ten-day course. The target audience is any individual expected to drive an ambulance in non-emergency situations. The course focusses on patient comfort and vehicle empathy.

Due to the flexible nature of this ten-day course, prices are set upon arrival.

Why choose MedTraining?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for your Level 3 Certificate in Patient Care Services: Ambulance Driving. Here are some of the more common ones based on feedback from our previous students.

Experienced professional trainers

Every training course booked through MedTraining is delivered by highly-trained facilitators with many years in the private training sector. More than that, each trainer will come with a long history in the healthcare industry. All our trainers have been paramedics, ambulance crew, and other emergency medical staff at one time or another. This ensures all delegates receive the benefit of relevant, hands-on experience.

Nationwide training course

MedTraining delivers our training sessions anywhere in England and Wales. We have our own training facility, where we can host individual delegates from across the country in a single setting. The other option for employers and NHS Trusts is to invite one of our trainers to a suitable location near you, where they will be able to train your staff as a single, cohesive unit.

Exceptional training support

As delegates, your training support does not begin in the classroom, nor does it end there. Aside from the assistance of your trainer, you will also receive pre-reading material to prepare you for the course. We also give you access to the MedTraining knowledge-base. This provides lots of information for any delegates wishing to pursue their learning journey following the course.

Get in touch

For more information about this course, or to make a booking, contact MedTraining today. Call us on 0330 223 5138 to discuss your requirements.