AirMedrescue24 – Medical Repatriation Service

It is an unfortunate – but unavoidable fact that some people will be taken seriously ill whilst out of the country. Whether they are abroad on holiday, visiting relatives, or working abroad, they may suffer an illness that requires immediate treatment back home in the UK. At Medrescue, we have a fleet of Blue Light emergency ambulances available to assist in the medical repatriation of such patients.

What AirMedrescue24  Can Do For You

AirMedrescue24 is a specialist division of the Medrescue Group providing dedicated Medical Repatriation Services. We provide global cover of land and air repatriations as well as remote and hostile medevac and medical escort teams. Here is what you can expect from us:

Direct Emergency Ambulance Transfers

A medical emergency can occur anywhere in the world and at any time. Nobody likes to think about it, but having an accident or falling ill on holiday abroad can turn serious quickly. While initial treatment is carried out locally, most patients want to go home as soon as possible to receive further treatment in the United Kingdom. AirMedrescue24 guarantees that patients are treated in the best way possible while being close to supportive family and friends.

Medical Escort and Evacuation Teams

By definition, anybody who is being repatriated for medical reasons is likely to be in a serious condition. We liaise with your insurer prior to transfer to determine the best plan for repatriation. Our clinical staff are registered health care professionals, mostly paramedics and doctors with remote area medicine and extreme sports experience, they are supported by specialist rescue technicians where required.

Our staff, vehicles and equipment mean we can provide advanced life support and primary care in all environments no matter how harsh.

Bed to Bed Service

As experienced Medical Repatriation providers, we understand that time is of the essence during a medical repatriation. All our emergency transfer vehicles provide a Blue Light service during transfers. Each team is led by a trained and experienced paramedic, ensuring the patient’s safety is our top priority throughout the transfer process.

Why Choose AirMedrescue24  for your Medical Repatriation Services?

There are many reasons to choose us for your medical repatriation needs. Here are some of the more common ones, based on extensive customer and patient feedback:

CQC-Registered Paramedic Led Ambulance Service

Our medical repatriation teams provide a full repatriation service, including transportation by land, air and/or sea. Our specialist clinicians are experienced in the latest emergency medical procedures, ensuring we remain compliant with the CQC’s Fundamental Standards adn clinical protocols.

Fully-trained Paramedics and Ambulance Staff

Successful medical repatriation depends upon the highest standard of medical care at every step of the patient’s transfer to the UK. At Medrescue, we take every measure to ensure we play our part. Our emergency ambulance teams are fully trained medical professionals, with years of experience working in an emergency environment.

A 24/7 Global Medical Repatriation Service

Medical repatriations are dependent on so many intermittent factors that it can be impossible to fit them to a regular schedule. Our repatriation service is available 24/7 for patients and relatives. Weather conditions, flight times, and more can delay the arrival of a patient. Our emergency medical repatriation teams operate round-the-clock, meaning we are on the scene when you (and your patient) need us to be.

Bed to Bed Service

At Medrescue, we deliver bespoke medical repatriation transfer services to NHS patients, Insurance Companies and Private Individuals globally. It doesn’t matter which airport your patient is coming in to and which locations they are headed to. We will have an experienced, paramedic led, emergency transfer team ready in your area. We can make arrangements to take a patient from a hospital bed abroad to a hospital bed at home. This bed-to-bed service is the easiest option for many patients and is the most patient-friendly journey possible.

Our comprehensive bed-to-bed service not only includes a full ground service, such as the co-ordination of all journeys by road ambulance. Our team can assist in arranging bed admissions to any UK hospital.

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