Ad Hoc Patient Transport Service Available Nationwide

Not every patient requires regular transport to attend every treatment session or medical examination. Many are fully independent, or have a friend or family member they can rely upon to take them. However, even the most well-prepared patient occasionally requires assistance, which is why the team at MedEMS also offers ad hoc patient transport services.

What MedEMS Can Do For You

As a leading provider of ad hoc patient transport services, we have much to offer our clients across the country. Here is what you can expect from us:

Patient Transport Services When You Need Them

You may require an ambulance transfer at the last minute. Perhaps your regular method of transport has let you down, or your find yourself unable to drive yourself. Alternatively, you might have a later appointment that means you can’t use public transport or rely on a friend. Whatever the reason, MedEMS can help you, even at short notice.

Patient Transport Services Tailored to You

Just as each of our customers is an individual, so do we tailor each of their transport solutions to match. Not everybody requires the same equipment or personnel to assist them during their journey. With a vast network of medical vehicles and health care staff on call, we can cater to all your requirements. This includes specialist equipment and expertise, where needed.

From One-offs to Long-Term

If, following your ad hoc journey, you require a more long-term solution, we can help you. We can make the transition to a regular patient transport service a smooth one. We will find room for you and your forthcoming appointments in our transport schedule, and you will be assured the same high standard of care.

Why Choose MedEMS for your Ad Hoc Patient Transport Services?

There are many reasons to choose us for your ad hoc transport needs. Here are some of the more common ones, based on extensive customer and patient feedback:

CQC-Registered Patient Transport Service

At MedEMS, our staff comply fully with the Fundamental Standards laid down by the CQC (that’s the Care Quality Commission). We are registered with the Commission, which is your assurance of quality service on every ad hoc journey. We ensure this by hiring paramedics and ambulance staff with years of relevant experience in patient transport.

Available to All

At MedEMS, we believe that ad hoc patient transport services should be available for anybody in need of them. We cater for local authorities, NHS Trusts, and private health care providers alike. We also offer the same service to private individuals who need our services on a one-off basis. Whatever position you’re in – we can help.

A 24/7 Private Ambulance Service

For many of our ad hoc patients, the need for a private ambulance service comes out of the blue. Fortunately for them, we operate a round-the-clock patient transport service. No matter when your need for an ad hoc journey arrives, we will see to it that you have one of our ambulance teams waiting for you.

Your Local Private Ambulance Service

We deliver essential ad hoc patient transport services across the UK. We have a fleet of vehicles ready to pick you up, wherever you might be based. Each ambulance team is in constant contact with our control room, who handle the logistics of your journey. This ensures we will always have a solution for your medical transport needs.

Get in touch

If you require an ad hoc patient transport service in your area, contact MedEMS today. Call us on 0330 223 5138 to arrange a free consultation.