999 Emergency Patient Transfer Services Available Nationwide

Many NHS Ambulance Trusts across England and Wales require assistance in order to cover the emergency ambulance needs of patients in their area. At MedEMS, we provide Blue Light ambulance teams with years of experience to support NHS Ambulance Trusts throughout the country. This is a paramedic led service, aligned with all NHS standards and appropriate key performance indicators.

What MedEMS Can Do For You

As a leading provider of emergency patient transport solutions, we have much to offer our NHS clients across the country. Here is what you can expect from us:

999 Emergency Ambulance Service

We work alongside NHS Ambulance Trusts in England and Wales to help complement their existing 999 emergency ambulance service. We supply emergency vehicles, as well as fully-trained paramedics and ambulance staff to ensure all patients in a given NHS catchment area are catered for. Our emergency ambulance teams are directed by a central control unit to ensure optimal efficiency

Fully-equipped Emergency Ambulances

It is the nature of a 999 emergency ambulance crew not to know what they can expect on any given shift. Our teams employ fully-equipped ambulances, stocked with the appropriate medication and equipment to handle most emergency situations. This allows our teams to act as effective first responders to any 999 call-out.

Paramedic led Blue Light Ambulance Service

When a patient dials 999, it is essential that our emergency ambulances attend the scene as soon as possible. As fully-trained ambulance staff with decades of experience between them, our drivers operate a Blue Light emergency transport service. These paramedic led teams have the medical knowledge and expertise to provide essential first aid at the scene, as well as transferring patients to the nearest hospital.

Why Choose MedEMS for your 999 Emergency Patient Transport Services?

There are many reasons to choose us for your emergency patient transport needs. Here are some of the more common ones, based on extensive customer and patient feedback:

CQC-Registered Renal Transport Service

At MedEMS, we are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is your assurance of exceptional patient care even in an emergency situation. We ensure that all our drivers and paramedics are trained in the latest medical techniques so that they remain compliant with the Commission’s Fundamental Standards

Fully-trained Paramedics and Ambulance Staff

Each member of our emergency ambulance crew is a fully-trained medical professional, with years of experience in front line medical care. They are capable of acting as effective first responders to any 999 emergency and have the knowledge and skills to prep a patient for emergency transfer to a hospital.

A 24/7 Emergency Transport Service

Ambulance crews working the emergency shift know that they can expect a 999 call at any time of the day or night. At MedEMS, our emergency ambulance teams work in shifts around the clock, ensuring there is always a qualified and experienced paramedic presence covering your NHS Trust area. Our control centre ensures that they are deployed in the most effective manner.

Your Local Emergency Transport Service

At MedEMS, we deliver emergency ambulance cover for 999 calls across England and Wales. We work alongside NHS Ambulance Trusts throughout the country, providing a unique support service that ensures a timely response for all 999 calls in the area. Wherever your NHS Trust is based, our central control unit will have emergency ambulance crews ready to help.

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