Event Medical Cover

The Medrescue Group provides onsite medical cover where the risk of injury is high and where the location is remote. We provide essential medical services for events and commercial sector clients in need of professional medical support. From on-off events to ongoing support for industrial and corporate clients, we deliver hand-tailored medical solutions designed to meet your exact specifications.

What Extreme Medics Can Do For You

Extreme medics provide event organisers the ultimate safety net for their event, if the access is difficult and the risk of injury is high we have the expertise to support you. Our combined elements of event consultancy, logistical support & well respected clinicians make us extremely unique in our environment. Our ethos has always been use of our experience and skill set to deliver the result you deserve. Wherever you require us, on land, on water, in the mountains, in fact anywhere!


Here are just a few of our more popular services:

Event medical cover

Extreme Medics combine the skills of extreme sports with specialist medical training to provide medical cover where the risk of injury is high and where the location is remote or environmentally hostile. Extreme Medics are a specialist division of The Medrescue Group and we are a known market leader in the provision of medical services to the Extreme Sports community. Wherever you get your kicks we can be there in direct support, on land, on the water or in the air, mountains, ice, jungle or desert. We have you covered.

Emergency response teams

Our emergency response team are available round the clock to attend your event or place of work should an urgent medical situation occur. These paramedic-led ambulance teams are fully-equipped to deal with any medical emergency, with years of front-line experience to back them up. They will act as first responders, providing life-saving medical treatment at your venue, before transporting the patient to the nearest available medical facility.

Technical Rescue

If you work in a high-risk environment, having trained paramedics on-site is essential in fulfilling your company’s health and safety obligations. Energy and utility companies, industrial sectors, riggers, cavers, and so many more, benefit from having our specialists on site. Not only are we there as first responders, but we also fully-trained in confined space rescue.

Clinical Support

Many large corporations are looking to private medical support solutions to help protect their staff. Having an on-site medical professional available to help with their employee’s medical concerns proves more effective than referring staff to external health care providers. At MedOnsite, we can provide you with a team of fully-qualified and experienced medical experts to help you look after your team’s day-to-day health concerns.

On Water Medical Teams

Our experienced water based operators can support your event on inland and offshore waters, From coxswains to divers, from rescue craft to camera boats we can cover your aquatic needs.

Our boat teams are dual trained to provide medical intervention at Advanced Life Support level to the casualty at the earliest possible point.

Whitewater safety is on offer for paddling or rafting events by qualified technicians.

Get in touch

If you require on-site medical support for your event or business in England and Wales, contact Extreme Medics today. Call us on 0330 223 5138 for a free consultation on the best way to meet your medical support requirements. We will construct the ideal package for you, and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.