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Job Description – Ambulance Care Assistantjob-description
Job Decription – Paramedicjob-description
Job Description – Urgent Care Assistantjob-description
Job Description – Emergency Care Assistant
Safe Recruitment Policy and Procedurehuman-resources policy
DBS Policy and Procedurehuman-resources policy
Safeguarding Strategy Policyclinical-operations policy
Safeguarding Policyclinical-operations policy
Incident Reporting & Escalation Policy and Procedureclinical-operations policy
Health and Safety Policy and Procedureclinical-operations policy
Overarching GDPR Policy and Procedurebusiness policy
Infection Prevention and Control Policyinfection-prevention-and-control policy
Hand Hygiene Policyinfection-prevention-and-control policy
Manual Handling Policyclinical-operations policy
Medicines Management Policyclinical-operations policy
Risk Management Policybusiness policy
Probationary Period Policy and Procedurehuman-resources policy
Whistleblowing Policyhuman-resources policy
Drugs and Alcohol Policyhuman-resources policy
Equality and Diversity Policyhuman-resources policy
Sickness Absence Policyhuman-resources policy
Disciplinary Policy and Procedurehuman-resources policy
Duty of Candour Policyclinical-operations policy
Social Media Policyhuman-resources policy
Uniform and Equipment Policyclinical-operations policy
Driving and Vehicle Maintenance Policyclinical-operations policy
Staff Training Policyhuman-resources policy
Business Continuity Policybusiness policy
Occupational Health Policyhuman-resources policy
Environmental Policybusiness policy
Safeguarding Standard Operating Procedureclinical-operations policy
Complaints, Concerns, and Compliments Policyclinical-operations policy
Waste Management Policyclinical-operations policy
Exposure Prone Procedures Policyclinical-operations policy
Fire Safety Policyclinical-operations policy
Bullying and Harassment Policyhuman-resources policy
COSHH Policyhealth-and-safety policy
Blood Borne Virus Policyinfection-prevention-and-control policy
MRGP43 – Lone Worker Policybusiness policy
Data Subject Access Request Procedurehuman-resources policy
Grievance Policy and Procedurehuman-resources policy
Smoke Free Policybusiness policy
MRG14.d MRG Newly Qualified Paramedic Frameworkhuman-resources policy
MRG Employee Handbookhuman-resources policy
MRG Contractor Handbookhuman-resources policy
Capacity to Consent Policyclinical-operations policy
MRGP35.1 Deteriorating Patient Protocolclinical-operations policy
MRGP35.2 Deteriorating Patient Standard Operating Procedure – PTSclinical-operations policy
MRGP35 Deteriorating Patient Policy & Procedure
MRGP10.1 IPC Procedure Guidesinfection-prevention-and-control policy
Adults with Autism Policy & Procedureclinical-operations policy